Request a Usability Expert Review

Our usability expert review will identify any issues with your website or application and show you how to fix them, help your product meet usability standards, and allow you to compare yourself against best practices, your local competition, and your industry as a whole.

What’s the point?

Requesting a usability expert review has many advantages. It allows you to identify usability issues more quickly and more cost effectively than a usability test.

  • It provides quick and relatively inexpensive feedback to your team
  • You can obtain feedback much earlier in the design process
  • It not only identifies issues but also provides potential solutions to these problems
  • You can implement usability expert reviews into your current workflows
  • Expert reviews allows you to go into usability testing more confidently

What will you do?

We’ll review your website, software, or application and compare them to usability best practices and standards. We’ll document these shortcomings in a report and provide tangible solutions to these issues. Your report will be tailored specifically to your application.

Why Digital Inflection?

We’re certified by Nielsen Norman Group (license #1001912) and use a combination of Nielsen’s Heuristics and the International Organizations for Standardization’s standards located in ISO 9241 110 series. You can be sure that the problems that we find are real and not just someone’s opinion.

How do I request a review?

It’s easy. Tell us you want an expert review on your product. We’ll provide you with all of the information to take the next steps.

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