Website Redesign

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Digital Inflection is 10 years old! Thanks for the birthday wishes, we appreciate it.

Digital Inflection turns ten this month and we wanted to celebrate our birthday by shopping around and buying somethin’ sexy to show you. Fortunately for you, this is just a new design for our website and not some questionable lingerie purchase. In general, our redesign brought us into 2014. You’ll notice flat design, bright colors, and a bit more focus on readability. We took our WordPress expertise and implemented our template into WordPress. We also wanted to put emphasis on

  1. Our portfolio
  2. Requesting a Quote

We updated all of our portfolio pages to include images, a brief description, and a link to the site if they are still public. You’ll also notice (we hope!) a green button following you around on our site as your browse. We’ll be looking researching our metrics to see the click-through-rate on this button and more and may be updating our template as time passes. This is our first major redesign in several years as we generally make small, incremental changes. Thanks for the support of all of our clients, we really do appreciate you. We hope you enjoy the redesign and let us know if you have any comments or questions!