About Us – What we’re about

Digital Inflection is a web design and development firm located in Lafayette, Indiana. We service several student organizations at Purdue University, small businesses in the surrounding community, and new start ups who are just getting their foot in the door. We pride ourselves on great customer service, outstanding communication skills, effective products, user experience, and marketing acumen.

Our history

Digital Inflection used to be a web design community hosted on Proboards.com and boasted over 2,000 members. Throughout its existence, users participated in weekly graphic contests, photography contests, design critiques, and could even request graphics for free. In 2006, Digital Inflection won Proboard’s Board of the Year, which is no small feat, considering there were over 2 million boards in existence and even more today.

The community closed and the emphasis moved towards paid services, particularly web design and development. In 2010, Digital Inflection became a limited liability corporation in the state of Indiana.

Our impact

During our years in existence, customers have given us all kinds of wonderful references. If you’re interested in hearing from one of our clients and how Digital Inflection made a positive impact on their business or organization, please contact us. You can also join our social media pages, we don’t market them heavily (we don’t like having the pesky logos floating around on all of our pages!); however, if you do join you’ll receive the latest deals for web development, referrals, and hosting.

Man behind the magic

Kenny and JennyMy name is Kenny Wilson and I’m the primary man behind the magic. I’m heavily involved in design and development communities including moderating reddit’s web design community, design community, and user experience community consisting of over 225,000 subscribers. I manage all projects from start to finish. With smaller projects, I do all of the design and development work. If you’re looking to build a larger web application, I hire designers and developers that I have worked with and trust to deliver timely and quality work.